Strength:Lab Superheroes Programme

Sport Science

A progressive curriculum based on world-class sport science, with a spin that kids love.

Video Guides

Includes a complete set of online resources for both teachers, and for students to use at home.

Track Progress

Measurement is built-in and easy for teachers to track. See exactly how each pupil improves each term.

What's Included?

A Movement Curriculum

'Strength:Lab Superheroes' provides a fun, engaging way for kids to learn fundamental movements and a scientifically sound programme that allows teachers to measure pupil progress and demonstrate objective improvements in their PE lessons.

  • 120 Exercises across 24 gradually increasing levels
  • 5 'Superheroes' each represent a different movement pattern
  • Built on latest sport science to provide the athletic skills children need
  • Can be used to rapidly plan entire PE lessons, or as an ideal warm-up for games-based activities

Resources To Help Any Teacher Deliver

Schools get access to cross-platform resources with a video demonstration and step-by-step instructions for every exercise. Teachers can also share lessons with students so they can practice at home.

  • Teacher and Student access to online resources
  • Video demonstrations and technical breakdown for every exercise
  • Access across desktop, laptop, tablets and mobile on Windows, OS X, iOS and Android

Objective Physical Assessment

Each exercise has 5 easily identifiable technical points. If a child shows competency they are awarded a star. Teachers get a comprehensive record of pupil progress whilst students are encouraged to keep improving.

  • Teachers get access to easy-to-use assessment screen
  • SLTs can view reports and quickly see how classes are progressing
  • Provides an unbiased profile to identify gifted and talented pupils

Pupil Progress Reports

Every pupil gets their own private progress screen, showing exactly how much and how rapidly their athletic skills are improving across 5 types of movement.

  • Identify which elements each student needs to focus on next
  • Defaults to private between teacher and student but can be shared with Heads of PE, Head of Year or SLT
  • Print-friendly so teachers and SLT can use for evidence and reports

Staff Training & CPD

Strength:Lab can also support your school's staff with on-site training days and ongoing coaching support. Ensure the highest quality delivery and accelerate your pupil's progression.

  • Learn the exercises with qualified Strength & Conditioning coaches
  • Get advice on integration with PE & sport curriculum
  • Explore how to differentiate within classes and identify gifted pupils
  • Practice assessment and learn how to identify physical skills

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